Our commitment is to the education and health and wellness of our customers. We take immense pride in manufacturing the highest quality CBD at Sulis. Our products are made using nanotechnology that enables us to come up with water soluble solutions unlike oil-based products currently selling on the market by most CBD brands. In addition, all products are continually quality tested with third party testing to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your CBD

Our Focus


In an ideal world, every business specially the ones targeting health and beauty should feel a great sense of responsibility for consumer safety and wellness. We should act socially responsible and take a step towards achieving safer more sustainable practices for our businesses using Mother Nature’s offerings. Harmful ingredients risking the health and lives of consumers should not be used at all. We at Sulis have taken the steps to protect our customers by focusing on highest quality CBD so you can receive the maximum benefits and enhance your quality of life.


In recent years there has been a growing concern about health and wellness in general, with so many companies existing today in the food and beverage industry. There have been instances of few fly by night operations in business existing with the sole purpose of making quick and substantial profits jeopardizing consumer health & safety in the long run. No wonder the consumer of today has become savvy and smart enough to carefully read all the ingredients from product packaging and question about it if needed all in order to gain prospect of better health, longevity and slow ageing. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the needs of today’s consumers have considerably changed over past few years and businesses must take appropriate steps necessary not only to meet but exceed customer expectations.


CBD has become the wellness breakthrough of today. From being around to now widely spread and used in various kinds of products it has now become the new benchmark, establishing itself as a miraculous compound. Most companies use it in oil form which makes it difficult for the human body to absorb it as it is 60% made up of water. The average rate of absorption stays between 5%-20% only making it impossible to achieve the best results. To combat this problem effectively science has led new advancements making hemp derived water-soluble CBD discovery of the moment.


With the use of CBD water soluble which makes the human body better absorb CBD properties than conventional oil-carried products. To be able to achieve the highest absorption rate of the CBD, it is important to be able to break down these molecules to a point where they do mix with the water in our body well. This process is done through nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology is the science of breaking down molecules to atomic levels. With this technology, we break down the CBD molecule down to where it can penetrate the water molecule and then becoming encapsulated in water. Once encapsulated in water, it can now provide up to 99% absorption in your body, allowing for the highest possible benefits of the CBD. This is referred to as water soluble.

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